Welcome to the Shi Hou Practice

At the heart of all things is love.  Peace, Compassion, Strength, Wisdom, and Courage are our natural states, but sometimes things get in the way and sometimes things happen to us that make us forget that each of us is Sacred.  The Shi Hou Practice helps you get back to your natural state of Peace, Love, and Happiness.

The Shi Hou Practice is an active and direct set of processes that allow one to heal one's mind and soul.   Many of us experienced childhood traumas growing up that created an imbalance in either our emotional, mental, physical, and/or spiritual life.   We can unknowingly carry these imbalances and dis-eases with us through our entire lives without realizing the negative affects they have on every aspects of our lives and relationships.   When we learn to cultivate our strengths we can learn to heal ourselves.  When we understand how our minds, bodies, and spirits work together we can learn to heal ourselves and how to embrace every beautiful second of our life.

Created from the roots of Positive Psychology and Eastern and Western science, philosophy, and practices, The Shi Hou Practice and Mettatations will empower you to create and cultivate the best things in life.  You can heal past traumas and turn them into useful tools.  And over time you can learn to live in a state of unconditional love and happiness.  And the truly amazing thing is that once you learn the tools it's easy to utilize them in every part of your life.  Because, yes, it's possible to be happy all of the time, and it is the type of life you were meant for and deserve. 

Welcome to The Shi Hou Practice, it's time to love your life.